Clinics and Services

We provide a full general practice service and offer patients specialist advice and support in the following areas:

New Patient Health Checks

The practice nurse on request will give all new patients a health check. This can give the doctors an insight into your medical background, pending receipt of your full notes which will be forwarded to us automatically by the Health Authority. If taking repeat medication at the time of registration it is advisable to have your check soon after registering.

Family Planning Advice

The doctors and practice nurse offer pre conception and contraceptive advice, treatment and monitoring within their routine surgeries.

Maternity Care

The community midwife works as part of a team with our doctors to provide full maternity services from pre-conceptual care through to pregnancy, labour to postnatal care. The midwife and doctors liaise closely. Antenatal care is provided by our midwife who sees patients every Tuesday between 14:00 – 16:00.

Cervical Smear Screening

It is recommended that women aged 25 – 49 years have a smear every 3 years and women between 50 – 64 years have a smear every 5 years. We will notify you when your smear is due. The ideal time to have your smear is mid-cycle but if this is inconvenient you may come to have your smear at any time that you are not menstruating.
An appointment should be made with the practice nurse on a Monday, Thursday or Friday.

Child Health Surveillance

All childhood immunisations are offered by the Practice and we encourage all parents to ensure their children are fully immunised. The Childhood Immunisation clinic is held every Thursday from 14:00 – 15:00 by the practice nurse.

Minor Surgery

After initial consultation with Dr Ciobanu, minor surgical procedures are performed on Wednesdays from 12:30 – 13:30.

Prevention Medicine and Advice

Advice on, alcohol, weight, heart disease and osteoporosis can be obtained from the Doctors or practice nurse.

Travel Advice and Vaccinations

The practice nurse offers travel advice and vaccinations, a telephone consultation is booked so you can discuss your requirements with a nurse. They will advise you of the vaccinations required and also the cost which is payable before leaving the surgery. For more information please visit our Travel Room.

Chlamydia Screening Service

A free Chlamydia test if offered to all young people aged between 15-24 years. Test kits are available from the doctors, practice nurse and reception.

Chiropody and Counselling

Your doctor will refer you as appropriate.